Tuesday, September 14, 2010

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Punisher movie Vs Punisher movie Vs Punisher movie!

After watching Punisher: WarZone, the latest in the Punisher Film, which Ray Stevenson plays Frank Castle, I thought that this time they nailed the Frank Castle/Punisher character. The slick back hair, full body armor had the look of the Tim Bradstreet comics (They end up fighting in the Bradstreet hotel. Was that a shout out?). I didn’t even mind the faded skull, which looked kinda cool. Damn good job on the character, and violence galore. But another bad script. He battles the Jigsaw, which was kinda cool except for his “brother” who was more annoying than anything. Lonely Bin Jim. Come on. This one sticks closer to the comics, with Jigsaw, and Microchip.

I don’t even remember the annoying Thomas Jane Punisher. It was based on a comic Welcome Back, Frank. The three annoying apartment neighbors completely destroy the film. The battle between the Russian and Frank was awesome, and the only good thing in the film. I love that scene, but even Travolta bombed as the bad guy, and ends up getting dragged behind a car that blows up. I think I remember a scene about him telling Frank he killed his sons, both of them. Once again story kills it.

All right, the all mighty first Punisher film with Dolph Lundgren. This is also a bad film, BUT this is the BEST Punisher film despite Dolph not sporting the Punsiher skull, and driving his bike in the sewer (only ninja turtles can do that!) , and Punisher Skull knifes.

If they make a forth, and I hope they do, I will make sure I see it. They got pretty close with Warzone so I think one more try and it’ll be a home run- it’s a numbers game.

The Punisher1989- #1 Punisher movie. Because story is most tolerable.
The Punisher 2004- Worst Punisher movie.
The Punisher- Warzone 2008- they nailed the character but story was still wack.

Why aren’t you smoking weed?

Oh yeah, I forgot about that cool scene in the end of WarZone where the lights go out and it says Punisher Saves.

Please let me know if this information EVER becomes useful to you.

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