Thursday, April 29, 2010

Chief GreenBud in D-Town Tonight!

If you're in D-TOWN tonight and want to see a good 'pot friendly' show. Go to Poor David's Pub in Deep Ellum to check out my friend Chief GreenBud (from Tennessee). Not only will he be at the Toronto Expo in July with me, but the show tonight promises to be TV smashing naked guitar playing fun! Tell em The Reefer sent ya, and blaze one on me.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


What the hell?!? Six-Pack and I are stuck in the middle of an adventure that needs to be finished and our artist is off teaching Life Drawing classes? On top of everything he's now calling himself Da Professor. Come on! From now on I'm Dr. Green Reefer M.D. OB GYN.... hell yeah!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A message for U

Okay it might be this bowl of Blueberry Kush talking, or the bowl of AK-47 before that, maybe the joint of Sour Diesl, or it could be the pot brownie, but still maybe it is the blunt I just rolled of Jack Herer, but ... I LOVE YOU MAN. HAPPY FOUR TWENTY my people! Here take a hit of this- it's Purple Kush.

Calm is restored in the universe.


AWWW YEAH! Another 4-20 rolls up on us. lets just make sure that we're smoking the good stuff. Speaking of the good stuff the Green Reefer and Six-Pack have a new adventure out! This is part two of THE MOVIE. Check it out here

We take up where issue one left off. Green Reefer has been captured, and Six-Pack is out colder than a can of El Cheapo beer!

Hey we've been waiting to show you guys this for awhile, so light that spliff up, kick back, and have a laugh on us.

*talking to Six-Pack*

NO! I said stay away from that! AUGH!!!!

To be continued folks. HAPPY HOLIDAZE!

*yells at Six-Pack*

*sounds of glass being broken*

Blaze on.