Monday, February 2, 2009

Hero of the Olympics comes under fire.

Hell yeah, Michael Phelps smokes weed! I like him even more, but everyone seems to have their panties in a wad about it! I don’t understand people, and I get really upset when I start to hear that something like this could possibly hurt his career, after we ALL cheered for him to win all those gold medals, what was it like eight? I think that alone deserves a nice fat bong hit. Hitting the bong is my favorite way to smoke my lovely plant. Next would be is rolling joints, and or blunts. Really, I’ll smoke weed anyway, I wonder what kind of weed an Olympic gold medal winner smokes? It’s gotta be the sticky icky! Hey Michael hit me up if you ever come to D-town. I got a couple of water pipes we can smoke that good stuff out of. Well Michael sorry to hear this man, don’t let what all these closed minded dumb asses keep you from enjoying the plant. The man and his man made laws are the one that is coming down on you, not the plant. All right I said my piece. FREE MICHEAL PHELPS and LEGALIZE IT! Now what was I doing? Oh yeah, smoking!