Saturday, August 9, 2008

Six-Pack and our new blog icons

Oh man, too much beer drinking lately. My liver screams at me to stop, but I just tell it to shut up. El Cheapo is my favorite beer. Right now I’m chilling, but am told I must post a blog to show off our new blog icons. I look good, I always look good (except when that bastard Boulet draws me. I think he has vendetta against me just cause I messed around with his sister. I don’t know what his problem is. She wasn’t that cute, and she turned out to be a crazy stalker! It really sucks trying to fight crime with an ugly crazy ex-girlfriend stalking you. She would always be jumping out of shadows, scaring me-
[Six-Pack engages conversation with Boulet]
Yes. Uh huh! Whatever man, I may not “technically” fight crime like other superheroes, but I do my share of good in this city. Whatever you say- you don’t know what you’re talking about.

[ … ]
SIDEKICK?! You know what buddy this interview is over! Kiss this!

[Six-Pack points at his rear]
That’s right, kiss it! I’m out of here!

[Six-Pack rips off an imaginary microphone from his chest and throws it to the ground.]

Yeah right back at you Boulet! SIX-PACK OUT!!!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

With so much weed needing to be smoked in this wonderful city of D-Town, I happened to find time to purchase a new pipe. I had no idea of what I was looking for when I walked into the store. I think I really just wanted papers and Six-Pack wouldn’t quit nagging me about some 'Up with Mini Skirts" T-shirt he saw. I’ve been saving up for a sack of dro and I didn’t really have the money, but when I saw it I knew I had to have it. The only way that I can describe it is that it looked like a piece of Kryptonite- and I WANTED it!

With Six-Pack satisfied we managed to avoid a little ‘work detail’ (fighting Super Villians) and make it back to the crib a.k.a Head Quarters. It was relax time, but something was off. AS I smoked some Pineapple Cush out of the new pipe I soon realized what it was. The pipe didn’t have a name. So now the quest to name my new pipe began.

The Superman reference was obvious, and I wanted to stick to that.

But what?.


Lex Luthor?

A message board suggested Green Lantern.

They were all great names, but nothing seemed to fit it. I was going crazy and Six-Pack wouldn’t stop drunk karaoke singing.

Frustrated I loaded my last nug of Blueberry Crush. Then it hit me.

I knew I wanted to say; “Hand me my pipe, it’s the piece of Kryptonite.”

Calm is restored to the universe.