Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Comic Con ends (THANK GOD!)

Three days of worshipping super heroes that don't even come close to how cool I am. Yeah, I was going to go but the Mayor of D-Town said that we needed to give a two weeks notice before leaving the city unprotected, or something like that. I swear I don't know what everyone would do without us. I mean, we really are very important. V.I.S- Very Important Superheros.

Okay, I'm lying. I didn't go to comic-con. The Mayor didn't tell me I couldn't leave. All I did was sit around and smoke weed while I watched a pant less Six-Pack drink himself into a coma. All in all I'd say it was a pretty fun weekend.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Fourth of July VS Six-Pack

Ah man, how was everyone’s Fourth? Me? I spent this years 4th of July trying to bail Six-Pack out of jail. It seems he began the day, innocently enough, drinking Coronas. Maybe it was a little early, it was 7:00am. Anyway as the day winds on he finds himself in the back of a movie theater "WHOOPING" at the screen and certain members of the audience. Needless to say our favorite friends in blue came and took Six-Pack to a place where he couldn’t hurt himself any more. I knew I had to bail my sidekick out, but I also had to buy that bad ass bag of dro. So funds were low, and Six-Pack had to wait out his jail sentence, or sleep out, as he told me he did. So happy Fourth to all my Reefer heads out there and too everyone else- this blunts for you, and for the two days Six-Pack had to sleep it off in Sing Sing. . Haha! -GR