Tuesday, April 20, 2010


AWWW YEAH! Another 4-20 rolls up on us. lets just make sure that we're smoking the good stuff. Speaking of the good stuff the Green Reefer and Six-Pack have a new adventure out! This is part two of THE MOVIE. Check it out here


We take up where issue one left off. Green Reefer has been captured, and Six-Pack is out colder than a can of El Cheapo beer!

Hey we've been waiting to show you guys this for awhile, so light that spliff up, kick back, and have a laugh on us.

*talking to Six-Pack*

NO! I said stay away from that! AUGH!!!!

To be continued folks. HAPPY HOLIDAZE!

*yells at Six-Pack*

*sounds of glass being broken*

Blaze on.

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