Sunday, September 11, 2011

vs APOLLO 18 MOVIE REVIEW no spoilers

Apollo 18 Movie review by Sixpack

So I have nothing to do today, and for some reason I am awake early enough to catch the “early bird” special at the local movie theater. Which means I only pay $5.00. Well I can handle that. Now what movie to watch? As I blaze the last of the AppleBerry Kush I decide on “Apollo 18”
If you haven’t already figured it out Apollo 18 is in the style of Blair Witch Project and Cloverfield. Nothing wrong with that. I crack open a beer I snuck inside and sit back to enjoy the ride.

It moves along nicely. Not spending too much time on Earth, and we are quickly landing on the moon. There are a couple nice shots of Earth from the moon, but I would have liked to see them hold on some of them a little longer. Well It isn’t too long before we get our first scare, and it’s a good scare. I tense up, in my seat, but pretend that it didn’t get me. The lady of the night, next to me screams! As the movie progress there are a couple more scares, but not as intense. When it finally ends I’m a little upset about what was killing the Astronauts. I understand that they tried to keep it realistic, but come on I thought the Transformers were from the moon. It ends with the camera going black, and while not unsatisfying I kinda did wanna see a giant explosion. Check out for more.
Final rating:
I was able to drink 5/6 beers while watching this film.

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