Saturday, September 3, 2011


Famous comic book sidekick, SixPack was booted from an airline earlier for his pants sagging too low, scratching his balls, and asking the flight attendants if his fingers smelled.

The Flight Attendant said that when SixPack was initially approached by a flight attendant and told to stop scratching his balls, he held up his fingers, and said "Do you smell anything?".

"He's a famous Latin Lover." Said the flight attendant. "Of course I smelled his fingers"

The smell described can not be put into 500 words or less.

The situation appears to have been soon resolved..

"Once he stopped yelling, we gave him a shower, a pint of beer, and two Quaaludes." Hawkins said. "He elected to take the next flight.".

Later SixPack overdosed from the Ludes, and the Airlines said "we should have giving him Marijuana, if only it was legal"

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