Sunday, August 28, 2011


Austin Texas 08-26-2011 Texas hemp campaign dot com banner drop off 11th street/I-35. 4:20pm 106F degrees fahrenheit

I wonder how gangsta it was. How illegal it was. I didn’t think about it until it was over. She said that there were two cops watching from the parking lot across the street, and when we were done they left.

The group did leave with haste. The large white van screeched up beside the group, who were already packing up. It was timed perfect with the traffic. Everyone and everything was inside the van in less than 30 seconds. Real FBI style.

It was scorching hot as I created the drawing of the banner drop. Sweat poured out my body. Every now and then I would catch a cool breeze, but basically I baked in the sun. it was great. I was on an incline, and set the easel up accordingly. I had a hard time standing, and my shoe would eventually slide off as a result. I finish in one hour.

There were so many honks, and one semi horn was so loud that it literary hurt.

Clouds. Life. Cute stoner girls. I loved it.

I join the group to show them the finished drawing. They crowd around the edge of the sidewalk, oncoming traffic zooming past- no one seeming to worry except for me.

So many honks, but it is easy to honk a horn versus stand on a bridge waving a banner calling for marijuana legalization. I see one gentleman give the thumbs down. I flash the peace sign and try to direct as much positive love as possible to him, but secretly I wanted to throw my water bottle at him.

Then the banner drop is over, and everyone is gone. I never got to ask anyone about scoring some bud.

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