Thursday, November 25, 2010


Er, no I mean Happy Easter! Wait, I don't think thats right either. Let me check. Oh yes, of course. HAPPY EARTH DAY!!!!! Remember no pollution today! Also more GREAT NEWS, other than today being Earth Day! Check out Treating Yourself issue #25. The issue covers the 2010 Treating Yourself Expo--

And what do you know, Boulet's drawing of the Expo made the issue! WOW. He has been jumping off the walls since he saw all the cool credits TY hooked him up with, some he didn't even know he could qualify for! Pick up your copy at your local headshop and see for yourself!

Boulet gets Photo Credit!

...and Illustrator credit! Careful TY your gonna give him a big head.

To see the actual drawing you gotta buy the magazine, but here is what Boulet saw....

Enjoy your Turkey or Tofurkey!

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